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Arthur Jeon received his BA in Humanities from Harvard University in 1985. Upon graduation he worked for a management consultancy that specialized in applying systems theory to Fortune 500 companies managing change. Seeking more creative work, he eventually became a director of an ad agency in Boston, MA. This work re-ignited his passion in writing and led him back to school to get his MFA at USC film school. For ten years he lived in Los Angeles and worked in the film industry as a screenwriter.

As a 12 year yoga practitioner (he currently teaches yoga at YogaWorks in Los Angeles), Arthur began his journey as a spiritual seeker in the early nineties. Seven years ago began to attend weeklong silent retreats twice a year with the internationally known teacher Catherine Ingram. Gradually Arthur became steeped in the tradition of the non-dual teachings of Advaita Vedanta, the mystical Vedic teachings of India that propose simply a recognition of indwelling presence as our true nature.

Eventually Arthur was asked by Catherine to sit in as a substitute for her Dharma Dialogues and then to start holding dharma talks himself. Out of this was born Dharma Conversations (see schedule for times and locations). It was out of these dharma conversations that the idea for the book City Dharma, Keeping your Cool in the Chaos was born, as most of the questions and inquiry centered on the challenges of urban living.

Arthur currently resides in Santa Monica with his fully enlightened cat Omar.